North Station
Station #1
Central Station
Station #3
South Station
Station #2
5408 Mulat Road
 3275 Monticetto Blvd
909 Clearview Street
When it was originally built in 1979 Station #1 used to have only two pull trough truck bays that faced the corner of Mulat Rd. and Cyanamid Rd. Running out of room in 2003 the growing fire department was forced to remodel the station. Moving the truck bays to the back of the station while adding an additional bay. 
The land this station sits on was donated by The Avalon Civic League in 1964. This fire station was our main station until we started building the new Station #1 in 1979. It currently houses a reserve engine, Boat 12 and our portable cascade system.
Built in 1988 so that all of the citizens in our district would be within 5 miles of a fire station, as required by Insurance Service Organization (I.S.O). 

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