Rescue 12
Squad 12

’  09 E-One Rescue/Engine 

Engine: 425hp Cummins Diesel 

Crew: 5 

Water tank: 1000 Gal 

Foam tank: 30gal 

Power supply: 10kw generator 

Supply line: 1200’ rubber 5”

Pre-connected attack lines: Five 1 ¾” lines and one 2 ½” line

Hydraulic Rescue Equipment: Cutters, spreaders, COMBI tool, pedal cutter, 3x rams, steering wheel cutter, emergency hydraulic hand pump.

Special Rescue Equipment: Stabilization struts, cribbing, high pressure air bags, low pressure airbags, cribbing, medical equipment, high rise hose pack, floating pump, RIT equipment, Thermal imaging cameras, Gas Meters, portable winch with connections on all four sides of the truck.  

​’98 GMC Mini Pumper 4x4

Crew: 3

Water Tank: 200 Gal 

Foam Tank: 10 Gal 

Pre-connected attack lines: 2 - 1 ¾” lines, one line has a piercing nozzle connected to it.

Special Equipment: Medical Equipment, vehicle stabilization equipment, hydraulic extrication equipment, and cribbing.

'88 Ford Pumper

Crew: 6 

Water Tank: 1000 Gal 

Supply Line: 1200' 3"

Attack lines:  2- 1 ¾" lines and 1 - 2 ½" line

Apparatus equipped with foam 

'99  Chevy Tahoe

Formally used as the Chiefs Vehicle, now used as service Vehicle. Unit is equipped with 4 wheel drive and a winch.

'02 GMC Sierra 

Used as quick response vehicle and for pulling our boats. Has 4 wheel drive. It is equipped with medical equipment, a variety of firefighting equipment and winch.  

'61 Portable Cascade System 

Built from the bed of a 1961 Ford Econoline pickup truck. Fills 2216 psi bottles.

'99 and '00 E-One Freightliner Engines

Crew: 5 

Water tank: 1000 Gal 

Supply line: 1200' 3"

Pre-connected attack lines: 2- 1 ¾" lines and 1 - 2 ½" line

Special equipment: 
Engine 1201 is equipped to support medical calls and
 Engine 1202 is equipped to support vehicle extrication

Both apparatus are equipped with foam 
'90 Pierce/Ford 50' ladder Truck 

Crew: 6 

Water tank: 

Supply line: 800' 5" and 400' of 3"

Pre-connected attack lines: 4 - 1 ¾" 
'65 Kaiser Brush Truck 

Crew: 2

Water Tank: 500 Gal

Attack lines: 2 Booster reels 
'18 Sea Hunt 

23 foot with a 250 HP motor. Equipped with radar, sonar, medical equipment, and basic water rescue/recovery tools and equipment.

'90 Mako .

17 foot with a 125 HP motor. Has basic water rescue/recovery tools and equipment.
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'15 Ford F350
Equipped with medical Equipment, a winch, extrication equipment and lots of other specialty tools.